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Mobile phone repair Belgrade

We repair mobile phones on two locations in Belgrade: Kralja Milana 15 near Beogradjanka building and Bulevar Zorana Djindjica 132, near Fontana

*WE DO NOT SELL mobile phones, we only do phone repairs.

Repair all phones:

  • Services and repair of Samsung cell phones
  • Services and repair of Apple cell phones
  • Services and repair of Huawei cell phones
  • Services and repair of Xiaomi cell phones
  • Services and repair of LG cell phones
  • Services and repair of Alcatel cell phones
  • Services and repair of Nokia cell phones
  • Services and repair of Sony cell phones
  • Services and repair of Motorola cell phones

The most common problems:

  • Decoding all types of phones
  • Screen replacement for all phones
  • Replacing the glass on the phone
  • Replacing the phone battery
  • Replacing the camera on a mobile phone
  • Replace the microphone or speakers
  • Charging connector replacement
  • SIM card reader replacement
  • Reinstall the operating system

*If you don’t see your phone or a malfunction in the list, don’t worry about it. Call our phone number and our service technicians will help you immediately and instruct you exactly in the possibility of repair, what is the price and for how long the repair will be completed.

Dr Mobil service phone number:

Service phone number Dr Mobil
is available on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Mobile phone service with warranty

Dr Mobil mobile phone service Belgrade offers you all kinds of repairs and replacement of parts on mobile phones. We provide a guarantee for all installed parts as a pledge for your trust that you give us.

Replacement of all touch screen screens

A faulty touchscreen means that your phone cannot be used. Dr Mobil touch screen replacement is possible for all phones for which parts are available.


Phone battery replacement Belgrade

All types of phone batteries have their own life, no matter how much and how you use them. This is usually 2 or a maximum of 3 years. After that battery is need to be replaced.

Unlocking the phone Belgrade

Our mobile phone doctors can unlock your phone whether it was created as a security measure on the phone (forgotten password) or you accidentally locked it.

Replacement of broken screen glass

The broken glass on the phone is more of an aesthetic nature, but it can be annoying and make the screen more difficult to use. Our service does glass replacement for all phones.

Phone decoding Belgrade

Dr. Mobil decodes the phone and removes any blockages that are caused accidentally or intentionally. A service for decoding all phones is available.

Reinstall the operating system

If the damage to the phone software is so great that no other method helps, Dr. Mobil reinstalls the phone and returns everything to the factory condition.


Only the most common mobile phone failures that people bring to us are listed here. Of course, Dr. Mobil’s mobile phone service also solves faults that are not on this list.

Our e-mail address is available 24 hours a day!

The phone brands we work with most often



Repair of Samsung phone in Dr Mobil service in Belgrade. Parts available for all phone models.



These phones have suffered a tough battle with the Google conglomerate. Full service for all phone models.



The old Nokia finally solved its existential problems and returned in a recognizable style. Unbreakable and reliable.



Exceptional Chinese phones that threaten to be better than more expensive competition. Full service at Dr Mobil.



IPhone phone service in Kralja Milana. Repair, replacement of parts and full service for iOS phones.



Repair and service all malfunctions for Motorola phones. Only in Dr Mobil service for all models.



These phones have been quiet lately but Dr Mobil still provides all the services when it comes to LG repair.



Dr Mobil offers all repair and replacement services for Sony phones that are still available on the market.

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Mobile phone service Belgrade, all services of repair and replacement of parts, as well as software maintenance of phones.

Dr Mobil locations in Belgrade

Our mobile phone service works in two locations, choose closer:

Kralja Milana 15 near Beogradjanka

Mobile phone service, Kralj Milan

Dr. Mobil mobile phone service is located next to Beogradjanka building and you will easily find us. This location covers the center of Belgrade. From here, we can always be connected to all our neighbors who now easily recognize us.

Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 132, near Fontana

Mobile phone repair, New Belgrade

Dr. Mobil is located at 132 Zoran Djindjic Boulevard, near Fontana. You will find us easily. From here, we also cover this side of the river and offer services for all those who find the crowds in the center of Belgrade superfluous for a long and hard day.

We are happy to read your email and will always answer your questions. Please note that in 99% of cases, phone service still requires that you bring the phone to our store in person or by courier.

In the contact form below you can describe the problem with the phone and we will answer as soon as we receive the email.

Contact e-mail Dr Mobil

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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Experience for more than a decade

…and bigger than 20,000 phones

Dr. Mobil is now more than a decade old, but he has a much longer work experience thanks to our service technicians whose working hours add up and give a practice worthy of attention. We have successfully repaired over 20,000 mobile phones. Dr Mobil mobile phone service was established in December 2009 as a small repair service.

Today, we have expanded to two locations, repairing phones and computers and having more employees.

Dr Mobil

Mobile phone repair services Belgrade

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